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Institute of Therapeutic Massage of Western Colorado is bringing 18 years of Therapeutic Massage Education to a close. It has been a pleasure to mentor the students’ ability to obtain knowledge and skills to become Massage Therapists.

Please call for details at 970-255-8037
Marilyn S. Veselack, DA, MS, LMT

Courses Offered

We offer 500-hour and 750-hour Massage Therapist Programs. Both curriculums consist of the first three components listed below. The 750-hour program includes an additional Sports Massage, Spa, and Medical component.

  • Anatomy and Physiology covers the study of basic organized systems of the human body: skin, skeletal, muscular, circulation, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, excretory, and reproductive.

  • Massage Practical and Theory encompasses a practical understanding of the mechanics of the body, and basic massage strokes. This includes instruction about different massage strokes: including special techniques and joint movements.

  • Business Practices is designed to share basic knowledge with the student about the practical information needed to operate a massage practice. This section contains information from the realms of history of massage and ethics, equipment, record-keeping and marketing. This component will prepare the student for starting a practice upon completion of ITMWC.

  • Sports Massage, Spa, and Medical includes instruction in deep tissue work, relaxation, stress release, and the role of therapeutic massage in the medical industry with hospital, orthopedic massage, and physical therapy practices, as well as spa procotols. (This component is included in the 750-hour program only.)

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